What Makes Momark Different


Responsive, Extraordinary Developments

A culture rich with entrepreneurs and successful start-ups, Austin is a hub where bright people come together to create new, unique products and ideas that can change the world. Momark is proud to be an innovative developer, with each of its products pushing the envelope of innovation in response to changing market needs. Unlike many developers who use the “widget model,” each Momark development is thoughtfully customized to the surrounding environment and is a response to micro market trends. Momark’s sensitivity to the surrounding environment and responsiveness to demographic shifts makes it a preferred developer providing sought after product.

Driven by Design, Inspired By People

Momark’s principal, Terry Mitchell, is passionate about people, believing that people have an inherent desire to connect with other people. Using human-centered-design principals, Momark seeks to design communities that foster those connections. Momark adds community features and gathering spaces with the intent of improving the quality of life for residents. Driven by design and inspired by people, Momark Developments are specially crafted so that they foster community and bring joy to residents in their everyday interactions at their residence.


Service Mentality

If you live in Austin, you love Austin. So do we. Our mission is to serve Austin neighborhoods by providing communities that improve peoples’ lives. We stay involved with the City on many levels, frequently speaking on issues affecting all of us, including transportation, housing, the environment, and the financial health of our city. Momark understands the intricacies that contribute to a healthy city, and because of our knowledge, we are able to make create developments that truly enrich Austin from several angles, providing housing solutions for all people while working towards a broader goal of improving life for all people.